Domaine des Templiers

        REUILLY, (Indre) is situated in the centre of Berry. Its vineyard whose reputation dates from the middee ages spreads along the banks of the river Arnon.

        On a surface area of 240 ha, it includes 3 different vineyards : sauvignon, pinot gris, pinot noir.

        The A.O.C.appellation was given to the white wine in 1937 and in 1961 to the rosé and red wines.

        Le Domaine des Templiers was created after the association of a wine grower, her of an old family of wine makers and of an amateur whose passion for wine growing and wine making is great.

        Le Domaine des Templiers spreads on 3 hectares producing only A.O.C. REUILLY wines.

        Franck POIRIER and Bernard POUSSET the winery associates, work together on the farm and control every step in the wine making process : from thr ripening of the grapes to the vinifying process; all this done in the pure tradition of the terroir.

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